(App Review) “SwipeUnlock” – MeeGo/N9 Style Unlock Screen for Symbian^3/Anna/Belle Phones

SwipeUnlock is a small utility app (by Alexander Fokin) which replaces the default lock screen/unlock system of Symbian^3/Anna/Belle phones with a MeeGo/N9 style swipe-unlock function. Once installed and activated, Swipe Unlock creates a MeeGo-istic button-less screen upon pressing of Menu key in locked phone. You can swipe the screen horizontally (from left to right or right to left) or vertically (up to down or down to up) to unlock phone’s menu. This completely mimics the Nokia N9 unlock screen thus if you want to get a taste of “Swiping” then this app is a must-try one. Besides unlocking function, missed events (Calls/Messages/E-mail) are also shown on lock screen and Music Player can be controlled from the lock screen itself. You can also select any picture to set as lock-screen background image, pictures can be cropped or stretched before setting as background (however it is recommended to use a 360 x 640 res image for best quality results). There is also an option to choose the physical key(s) that when pressed would show lock-screen – Menu key, lock key or both. After installation, run the app and configure options at main screen and exit (it will run in the background). However it will take some time (say 10-15 minutes) before SwipeUnlock completely replaces the phone lock system.

In developer words –

MeeGo OS-style phone lock screen. In order to unlock move a finger horizontally or vertically on the screen. Information on missed events is showed. You can manage the built-in player from the lock screen Install a bit of MeeGo on your phone!

SwipeUnlock is compatible with all S^3/Anna/Belle phones (Nokia 603, N8, E7 etc) and is available at Nokia Ovi Store for a nominal price. Or download from here

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