Symbian Anna SW v25.007 Update available for Nokia N8, C6-01 and E7

UPDATE (26.10.2011) – This Symbian Anna device software update (Software Version 025.007) is now available worldwide for Nokia N8, E7, and C6-01. I updated my N8 yesterday!

More than two months after the Anna update started rolling out (in Mid August), Nokia made it available for US variants of Symbian^3 devices at last. It has been a long frustrating wait for US users of Symbian^3 phones that finally ended today. According to the official Nokia announcement, US specific Anna update (025.007) is now available for all Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 US models.

Currently this Anna update is available for Symbian^3 phones having below given product codes (dial *#0000# to know your phone’s product code) –

Generic US Vanilla variants –

Nokia N8 – (059G196 /0599218 /0599222 /0599226 /0599230 /0599236)

Nokia C6-01 – (059C3W3 /059C3W4 /059C3P6 /059C3P9)

Nokia E7 – (059C996 /059C997 /059C998 /059C999 /059C9B0)

Other US Customized variants –

Nokia N8 – (059D111 /059C8T6 /059D110 /059D112 /059G700 /059D0V2)

Nokia E7 – (059F6L7 /059F6L8)


You can update to Anna either via Nokia Suite (Previously called Ovi Suite) or directly OTA (Over The Air) using SW Update option in phone.

Unfortunately however other Symbian^3 phones like Nokia Astound (C7 US variant) is still to get the update….keep waiting guys
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