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Anyone who has ever used a mobile phone in the first decade of this century is pretty familiar with Nokia and Symbian. It was an era when the word “smartphone” was popularly associated with Symbian OS. I have the fond memories of Symbian since I got my first phone running this OS – the Nokia 6600 way back in 2005. Since then we have used almost every popular Symbian device and loved it. But as they say “Change is the only constant” in this mortal world – a lot happened over the past 12 years. It was good for some (Android, iOS) but unfortunately it was bad, very bad for Symbian. Whatever be the reasons, eventually our favorite mobile OS died a slow death and so did the good old Nokia!

We, at this blog, have been following Symbian OS since the very beginning i.e. from May 2008. Although it was officially declared dead by Microsoft in 2012, we still cover whatever new and interesting pops up about this amazing mobile OS. We still have multiple Symbian phones up and running at our office (like Nokia N8, Nokia N70, Nokia N95, Nokia 6303, Nokia 808 PureView etc). As a matter of fact there are still a large number of active Symbian users around the world especially in developing countries of Asia, Africa, South America.

Symbian Apps

As you know there is no official support available now for Symbian – Nokia Store is no more (replaced by Opera Mobile Store), Nokia services like Nokia Music, Sync etc have stopped working, even various Nokia websites have gone offline and most Symbian applications have not been updated since ages. Due to these facts it is now harder than ever to get Symbian apps and other related stuff. So we have created this page as a platform for Symbian users to share whatever they have and get whatever we have. For your information we have a huge collection of Symbian goodies!

In simple words you will get download links of Symbian (all versions) apps, themes, games, related windows softwares/tools etc at this page. Besides, links to useful older posts from this blog and other authentic sites resources are also listed below. Thus it is kind of an archive or collectible page for Symbian fans.

Older Symbian related posts of this blog

  1. Download  WhatsApp (new & old sis files) for Symbian
  2. WhatsApp Modifier App for Symbian
  3. X-plore v1.64 for Symbian
  4. Nokia Store Symbian app last update
  5. Skype Symbian app last update
  6. Opera Mini 8 Java app – the last J2ME version
  7. Flappy Bird Java app
  8. BT Charger – Prank Battery Charging Symbian app
  9. Smart Movie goes free with version 4.20
  10. Zene Music Player for Symbian
  11. Ovi Browser updated to Nokia Xpress Browser
  12. “Temple Run” type game for Symbian
  13. All other “App archives” from this blog
  14. Symbian related news updates

Other useful websites & App Stores related to Symbian OS

  1. CODeRUS Symbian^3 Modding Blog – Symbian Hacking and Mods
  2. Symbian Toys – Home of Navifirm, ROM Patcher, Nokia Cooker, Icon Hider, Guardian, SIS Xplorer, UnlockMe
  3. MarXoft – Home of CuteTube2, CuteRadio, QDL, MusiKloud2
  4. Go Symbian – Home of FExplorer, SignSIS, SymDBG, XXL Screen Saver
  5. AppList – Symbian App Store by All About Symbian
  6. SIStore – a new Symbian app store. Huge collection of sis files and even custom firmwares
  7. Steve’s App Download page for older Symbian/Psion/EPOC/Sebo versions
  8. Steve’s App store for Symbian – hundreds of apps download links
  9. Steve’s Game Store for Symbian – big collection of game downloads
  10. Steve’s Website – Big archive of Symbian related downloads and other stuff
  11. Opera Java App Store (old Ovi Store redirects to it)
  12. Opera Symbian App Store
  13. My Symbian App Store for S60 2nd ed. (S60v2)
  14. My Symbian App Store for S60 3rd & 5th ed. (S60v3 and S60v5)
  15. BoostApps – Big collection of Java/J2ME apps and games
  16. Symbian apps section at Softonic

Symbian Apps (Free Download Links)

  1. Big Collection of 400+ Symbian Apps (2007)

This “Symbian Mega Pack” Includes most popular apps of that time like all Epocware, Psiloc, Mobisystems, Lonelycatgames, Smartphoneware, SBSH, Viking Informatics, Webgate apps plus Nimbuzz, Nuance Talks, Zensis apps, Ogg Player and many, many more. All paid apps are cracked and fully working. Some compatible with S60 2nd Ed. (S60v2) phones like Nokia N70, N72 etc while most others are for S60 3rd. Ed./ 5th Ed. Nokia phones.

Free Download Link (ZIP File – Size – 173 MB)

2. All Symbian eBook Reader Apps

  • Alternate Reader
  • NSR Reader
  • Adobe Reader
  • ReadM eBook Reader
  • ZX Reader
  • Ionic Reader
  • eBook Reader
  • Ebook Reader Pro
  • Albite Reader
  • Dorian Reader
  • Wattpad Reader
  • FB Reader
  • Foliant Reader (& Foliant Font Generator)
  • Q Reader
  • Tramontana
  • Bubue Books
  • iSilo Reader
  • Office Reader
  • Mobi CHM
  • Anyview Reader
  • RentBook

Download (all in a ZIP file)

3. Mobipocket Reader (prc & html ebook reader)

  • Mobireader for Symbian S60 1st ed (S60v1)
  • Mobireader S60v2
  • Mobireader S60v3
  • Mobireader S60v5
  • Mobireader Java/J2me app
  • Mobireader for Windows
  • Mobipocket ebook creator for Windows

Download (all in a ZIP file)

Note – This page is constantly under development – more links will be added shortly. So check back later.

Also if you have something related to Symbian (not listed here) please do share via comment or send us via email. Our mail ID for this purpose is

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