(Updated) Symbian Hack/Jailbreak Method for S60 3rd ed/5th ed/S^3/Belle/Belle Refresh/FP1 phones

OK I know this post may not be relevant to majority of our readers as Symbian is the thing of past now. But what about millions of Symbian lovers (mostly in Asia and Europe) who are still using one or the other Symbian device, I myself own 3 (Nokia N8, N95 and N70) of them in perfectly working condition, in fact N8 is still my primary camera phone. This post is for such Symbian phone owners. We already have over a dozen of posts on Symbian jailbreak/hacking at this blog so this post should be taken as an update on the topic. If older methods are not working for you then this might work like a charm.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Symbian hack/jailbreak, here is a quick recap – it’s a workaround to bypass system security to open up file system (system files/folders access) and to enable installation of unsigned apps without annoying certificate errors. So without any further delay, here goes the Symbian jailbreak/hack process

Download this zip file and extract the contents – there are four files in it, namely

First install Norton_Security.sis in your phone (this file is a modified antivirus app containing hacking files). Ignore “Application not compatible” or any other security warning and continue with the installation

After installation go to phone menu and open the newly installed Norton app

Go to “Options /AntiVirus /Quarantine list”. There will be three files in the Quarantine list as seen in the screen shot below


LDD files for Symbian Hacking

Restore these files one by one via “Options/Restore” (or you may also restore all the three at once via “Options/Restore All”) – confirm “Yes” when prompted. Don’t worry! Despite their weird names, these files are not viruses. These are actually our core files for hacking, necessary for ROM Patcher to work properly. We are using Norton app just to transplant these 3 files inside a specific system location (C:/sys/bin). Why Norton app? Because it (and similar other security apps) has “All files” and system read/write capabilities which grant it access to system folders.

Once all the three files are restored (quarantine list will be empty), exit Norton app, we don’t need it any further. Go to “Application manager” (Settings/Installations/Already installed) and uninstall Norton app (it will be present with the name “Symantec”). Restart the phone

Now install ROMPatcher+3.1_Lite (in “E:” drive) and then InstallserverPatch_digipassion.sis in your phone – open ROM Patcher+ and apply “InstallServer1.7RP+” and “Open4all” patch (the dot next to the patch name will become green when successfully applied) – exit ROMPatcher and Done! Now you can install any unsigned app and access system folders via 3rd party file manager apps (X-plore, FExplorer etc)

Additional steps – if you are still having errors like “Component built-in” or update error while installing unsigned apps then follow these steps

Open X-plore (install from the zip file if it is not already present in your phone) – make sure that “Show Hidden files” and “Show system files/folders” options are ticked in X-plore’s configuration settings

Open/expand “C” drive in X-plore and look for “ynstallserver.exe.zip” file

Open this file – there will be a sys folder inside – select it (do not open, just highlight it by tapping once) – go to “Menu/File/Extract to” – when “Extract to” is selected, you have to specify the location to extract the content – go to “C:” drive (long-press/tap and hold on “C:” drive – a menu will pop up – tap “Select” – the content of zip file (ynstallserver.exe) will be extracted to C:/sys/bin – exit X-plore

Open ROM Patcher again and apply “RunInstallServer.exe from C sys bin” patch – exit ROM Patcher+ and done! Now there will be no damn certificate/component built-in/update errors while installing any app.

Note – Above method has been tested to work in all Symbian firmwares (S60v3 onwards i.e. S60 3rd ed., 5th ed., S^3, Anna, Belle, Belle Refresh, Belle FP1) except the last Symbian version i.e. Nokia Belle FP2. So it will not work in Nokia 603, 700, 701, 808PV having Belle FP2 firmwares (will work if these phones have Belle FP1 or older firmware).
For Belle FP2 phones you may try this method or flash the phone with a pre-hacked firmware

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7 Responses to (Updated) Symbian Hack/Jailbreak Method for S60 3rd ed/5th ed/S^3/Belle/Belle Refresh/FP1 phones

  1. shuaibu ibrahim April 28, 2017 at 11:06 AM #

    Thank’s for your hard work and pls tell the actual method on how hard reset nokia e5-00 when locked without using pc.

    Thank you on your anticipation and favourable reply.

  2. Mike May 20, 2017 at 8:01 PM #

    May 2017, this method just used to allow Whatsapp to continue on S60 device months after the “this program will stop working after December 31 2016” date, by deleting junk data.

    This is how to continue using Whatsapp in 2017:

    1. Delete enough data to make at least 10 Mb free (use above jailbreak method if needed)
    2. Back date phone and ensure auto-adjust time and date is deactivated
    3. install WhatsApp_2_16_57.sis (search the net for it)
    4. enjoy using Whatsapp
    5. Avoid updates if you can because they’ll break more than they fix

    • Shoaib May 21, 2017 at 12:41 PM #

      June 30, 2017 is the new deadline for WhatsApp for Symbian end-of-support (read this post to know more). It was December 2016 earlier, but was later extended for six months more. So you can use WhatsApp upto June 2017 in a Symbian phone without above adjustment. Because WhatsApp is a internet based app, you can’t trick it by adjusting date etc. Further more their updates are mandatory which means you can’t avoid an update for a long time. So once their server shut down next month it will be all over buddy!

  3. Michael July 7, 2017 at 8:17 PM #

    Hey I’m going to be getting an old school Nokia 5230 Nuron but I have read that it doesn’t have threaded SMS texting. Without hacking the phone or having to get certificates are there any apps that can be downloaded to have threaded SMS? This will be my first symbian phone.

    • Shoaib July 7, 2017 at 9:47 PM #

      I think it has threaded SMS function. If it does not then there is no app unfortunately for this function.

  4. Ish August 15, 2017 at 8:05 PM #

    Shoaib, Thanks for your excellent work.
    I hit a roadblok at the step: Now install ROMPatcher+3.1_Lite (in “E:” drive) – It comes up with an error, but lets me install Norton and INstallserverPatch.
    It also doesn’t let me install x-plore.
    Which looks like it is okay with .sis files but not .sisx
    Any thoughts about how to get around this?


  5. Ish August 15, 2017 at 8:06 PM #

    I forgot to mention – it’s an E63 phone

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