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[How to] Easily download various phone’s (Android and iOS) stock wallpapers

Easiest method to download stock Android/iOS wallpapers Almost every phone now comes preloaded with some proprietary media content including wallpapers. These wallpapers give the phone a distinct identity so much so that the popular Android phones are easily recognized by their trademark wallpapers – remember the Nexus and Galaxy S/Note series of wallpapers. Did you […]

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Giganticon - Big Icons

How to resize/enlarge apps icons in Android phones?

How to enlarge/resize app icons in Android? Apps icons make an important part of any Operating Systems UI be it a desktop OS like Windows or a mobile OS like Android. Visually, app icons, along with the background wallpaper (called the “theme”) give the device a distinct look and feel. In Android, default app icons […]

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Wassapp Client

(How to) Download, install and run WhatsApp in Windows PC

WhatsApp is currently the most popular mobile chatting app across all mobile platforms. However it is not officially available for desktop OSes like Windows or Mac for obvious reason (it identifies users by their mobile numbers and computers do not have any SIM cards). So what to do if you are a WhatsApp junkie but […]

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SuperBeam QR Code

Easy and the fastest method to transfer files between Android phones

Fastest method to transfer files between two Android phones There are numerous options for Android users to share/transfer files between two phones – just touch and hold on a file for a second and a long list of sharing options will pop up (it may vary depending upon the phone model). iOS and Windows Phone […]

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