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Dorland's Medical Dictionary

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary – the best Med. dictionary for Android

Being a medico, sometimes I share medicine related stuff here at DiGiPASSION. So here you go, this time it’s a must-have mobile app for all medicos – the Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary for Android phones. Dorland’s needs no introduction in medical fraternity; being one of the best and most widely used medical terminology reference worldwide […]

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S Health 2.5 vs 3.5 Menu Side-by-Side

S Health app updated to version 3.5 with support for new wearables and UV/SpO2 sensors

Samsung recently rolled out an update (version 3.5.1) for its proprietary S Health app for its high-end phones. We got the update notification in Galaxy Note 3 (international model) here in India today. Before this update Note 3 had S Health version installed. As usual some new features have been added in the updated […]

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Skype for Symbian

Skype ends support for Symbian app

Yesterday Skype sent an email to users who have ever used their Symbian app in the past. The email is actually an announcement informing the users that the Skype Symbian app will stop working within the “next few weeks”. Here is what the email reads – We’ve noticed that you are, or previously were, signed […]

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[How to] Easily download various phone’s (Android and iOS) stock wallpapers

Easiest method to download stock Android/iOS wallpapers Almost every phone now comes preloaded with some proprietary media content including wallpapers. These wallpapers give the phone a distinct identity so much so that the popular Android phones are easily recognized by their trademark wallpapers – remember the Nexus and Galaxy S/Note series of wallpapers. Did you […]

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