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S Health 2.5 vs 3.5 Menu Side-by-Side

S Health app updated to version 3.5 with support for new wearables and UV/SpO2 sensors

Samsung recently rolled out an update (version 3.5.1) for its proprietary S Health app for its high-end phones. We got the update notification in Galaxy Note 3 (international model) here in India today. Before this update Note 3 had S Health version installed. As usual some new features have been added in the updated […]

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[How to] Easily download various phone’s (Android and iOS) stock wallpapers

Easiest method to download stock Android/iOS wallpapers Almost every phone now comes preloaded with some proprietary media content including wallpapers. These wallpapers give the phone a distinct identity so much so that the popular Android phones are easily recognized by their trademark wallpapers – remember the Nexus and Galaxy S/Note series of wallpapers. Did you […]

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