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Format Factory – the best, free Mobile Video/Audio Converter Software

Format Factory is arguably one of the best and free mobile media converter (Video, Audio, Picture, DVD/ISO/CSO etc) software for Windows. Not only a capable converter it is one of the most versatile and multipurpose software I have ever seen. With the help of Format Factory you can convert virtually any format video/audio/image into a […]

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Removing Symbian Virus – X-plore vs. System Explorer

I have already described the easy and conventional way to remove the Symbian virus in a previous post. Yesterday I was given another similar, virus infected Nokia 6600 to be cleaned. The phone’s battery was draining too fast and it was sending automatic bluetooth connection requests to other mobiles. Rather than choosing the conventional method […]

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[How to] Reset/Format Nokia Symbian S60 Phones by Formatting Codes and 3-Key-combo method

Nokia/Symbian Formatting Codes to Reset Nokia Phones First of all let me clear it – not all Nokia phones can be formatted by the so called Formatting codes. Such codes are not supported in older S40 phones (like Nokia 6300, 7210, 5130 etc) and Nokia Generic OS based phones (like Nokia 1600, 2600 etc). These […]

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