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Camera Sound Mute Mod – Disable Camera Click/Capture tone in Nokia Symbian Belle Phones

In most countries of the world it is mandatory for all cameras to produce a clicking sound while taking a photo for privacy and security reasons. Mobile cameras are no exception to this rule and therefore no option is built by default in Symbian phones to disable camera clicking sound (sound produced when the physical/on-screen […]

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Nokia Belle (SW v111.30.609) Officially Released for Symbian^3 Phones

Cheer up guys, it’s confirmed this time – Nokia Belle is officially out now! 8th Feb 2012, the tentative date of Nokia Belle roll-out, turned out to be real and lucky for older Symbian^3 phone owners as Nokia finally made Belle available worldwide. Unlike Anna release, Belle is rolled out with much preparation. Nokia simultaneously […]

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Yesterday Nokia 603 (a Symbian Belle phone) got a firmware update in the form of SW version 111.030.0607. This version of Symbian Belle is also expected to be available for Nokia 700, 701 soon and officially for all older Symbian^3 and Anna phones (Nokia 500, N8, C7, E7 etc) next month (mid-December). However if you […]

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New Symbian (S60v3, S60v5 and Anna) Hacking Method – Dr.Web Anti-Virus App Workaround

Update – Unfortunately this method is not working in Nokia Belle phones, so if you are looking to hack a Symbian mobile having Belle then please refer to this new post (Nokia 808 PureView hack is described in this post). The following method works perfectly in Anna and older Symbian phones. In a recent post […]

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Camera Pro video settings

How to access 30fps video recording (and other video) settings in Camera Pro?

Camera Pro is a wonderful Symbian^3 (primarily for N8) application to harness the full potential of Nokia N8’s amazing camera hardware. Native camera software of Symbian^3 phones is a very basic one with a limited feature set. Camera Pro lifts these limits and even adds hundreds of extra options that are usually found in a […]

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(How to) Delete/Edit/Add an Access point (Packet data/Wi-Fi) in Symbian^3 phones

In Symbian^3 phones (Nokia N8, C7, E7 etc) Access points (Packet data and WLAN) settings are a bit different (and ridiculously placed) than the older phones. There are many situations when you have to access these AP settings for example – if you have changed the WEP key (security password) of your Wi-Fi Modem (Router) […]

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