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7 Best Custom Firmwares/ROMs for Nokia 808 PureView (to hack the phone and to get many extra functions)

Best Belle FP2 Custom Firmwares for Nokia 808 PureView Nokia 808 PureView is perhaps the only relevant Symbian phone now. It is officially the last (and greatest of all) Symbian device from Nokia. OS aside Nokia 808 still has the best camera module and image processing capabilities. The closest competitor, Lumia 1020 with almost identical […]

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Nokia Belle FP1/FP2 Live Multi-Tasking Switcher Mod for Symbian Belle/Refresh phones

Task switcher is a useful function in multi-tasking Symbian smartphones (accessed by long pressing menu button) to toggle between open apps and to force close any open app. Nokia introduced a new task manager/switcher with Belle FP1 update in which opened apps are shown in large live-view windows (rather than small boxes with names in […]

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Power Patch Mods (Joshlog, Theme effects, Kinetic scrolling etc) for Symbian Belle Refresh Phones

Independent Symbian developers have created some wonderful mods/patches to extend phone’s capabilities to the limits. Considering the fact that Symbian is destined to die soon, some die-hard Symbian devs are still busy to keep the modding scene alive. There are countless number of Symbian mods, some very useful, some for fun while many are almost […]

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Symbian Belle FP2 Hack (using Safe Manager) for Nokia 603, 700, 701 and 808PureView

Update (Feb. 2013) – From some reader’s feedback it appears that following method is not working anymore in Nokia 808PureView with firmware version 113.10.1507 onwards. I will cross check it with some of my friends having 808 and will update the post soon. Please do share your experience with the method to help the thread. […]

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