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SIS Contents

How to Open, Unpack/Extract and Edit a sis/sisx file? – Some sis explorer/editor Softwares

Sis/sisx files (short for Symbian Installation Script) are Symbian specific “self-extracting archives” which contain “to be installed” application files and a script that tells the Symbian installer the exact location where these files are to be copied in the phone. Ever wondered how to view the contents of a sis file? Well, there are quite […]

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(How to) Completely Uninstall Microsoft Apps from Symbian Belle phones

Microsoft Apps (OneNote, Lync, PowerPoint Broadcast, Office Mobile) for Symbian have been released as an update for all Symbian Belle phones. However the bad thing about these apps is that they require at least 50 MB free space in C drive thus occupying a large proportion of phone memory (which is already meager in Symbian […]

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Mobiola_Web_Camera for S60

Recording Screen Video of a Symbian S60 Phone Using Mobiola Web Camera3 App

In a previous post I have described the same procedure using Remote S60 Professional. Unfortunately RS60 Pro is a buggy app which does not work smoothly in most Symbian phones, some known issues include – captures screen activity with blank/black background, video size is huge (30-seconds video of over 80MB size) etc. Furthermore Mobileways has […]

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(How To) Get Belle FP1 Gallery Widget in Old Symbian Belle phones (N8, C7, Nokia 603, 700 etc)

As you may know, Nokia has introduced Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 (FP1) in Nokia 808 PureView. Many new widgets come pre-installed with Belle FP1 including the Gallery (photo slideshow) widget. There is still some time left before these widgets released for old Belle but the good news is that Symbian modders at Dailymobile have […]

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