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Symbian Tips – Solving Update Error, Fixing Corrupt Access-Point Settings etc

Here are some common problems related to Symbian S60 (specially Symbian^3) phones and their solutions – 1. Solving “Unable to update” error – “error updating to newer version” occurs sometimes when one tries to install newer version of an app over an older version (that is already installed in the mobile). Usually this error occurs […]

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[How to] Delete a Single Call/SMS/Data Entry from Log List in Symbian Phones

Every call, message or GPRS/3G data connection (along with all its details – duration, time) is stored by default in the “Log” app of a Symbian S60 phone (unless “No Log” option has been set via Settings). You can delete a call from dialed/missed/received calls menu or a message via “Messaging” but its details will […]

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Some other Symbian Hacks Based on Antivirus Apps (Norton and Trend Micro)

In an earlier post I described Dr.Web method to hack Symbian phones. However that method requires a computer to work and is not working in Symbian Belle, so here are three other similar hacking methods (to hack Symbian S60v3, S60v5, S^3, Anna and Belle phones) that require no PC connectivity. Try, which one works for […]

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How does new Symbian Antivirus/Security-app hacks work?

Since the appearance of Dr.Web antivirus hack for Symbian a few days ago, a new similar hack is coming out every other day. Interestingly there is one thing that all these hacks have in common – they all use an Antivirus/Security app and ROMPatcher. So what is the mechanism behind all these simple workarounds that […]

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(Mod) Remove “Active Diverts” Popup in Symbian^3 Phones

It’s really annoying to see the “Active diverts” pop-up every time a call is made in Symbian phones. Thanks to CODeRUS mod, now you can remove the “Active diverts” alert permanently. Requirements – The phone must be hacked (system read/write access required) for this mode to work – refer to this post if your phone […]

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