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Samsung MicroSD “Rugged” Memory Card Tested for shock and water resistance

Recently, I received a new “rugged” MicroSD card which the seller (and manufacturer) claimed to be – water, shock and magnet resistant. It is an 8GB MicroSDHC card manufactured by Samsung (MB-MS86). Memory cards (specially MicroSD variety) are lightweight plastic chips with almost no breakable-by-shock parts – it means you can drop (or even throw) […]

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Opera and Telling Launch Oupeng – A New Mobile Web Browser for China

Opera recently announced the availability of a new mobile web browser named “Oupeng” – for Chinese mobile users. Oupeng is the first product of nHorizon Innovation (Beijing) Software Ltd, a joint venture of Opera and Telling telecom (the top Chinese mobile distributer). As the Opera puts it – “Oupeng aims to reshape the mobile Internet […]

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Nokia 500


It seems that Nokia is in a hurry flushing its manufacturing facilities and research labs of their zombie Symbian OS. They are just keeping Elop’s promise of shelling out “a significant number” of Symbian devices in the next two years. The recently announced Nokia 500 (Product ID – RM-750, 0x20035566) re-affirms this assumption. Nokia 500 […]

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Graphene – Future Super-Material for Smartphones and other Electronic Devices

Nokia recently showed off a concept device (called Morph) made of Graphene – a new future-changing super-material for the electronics world. Chemically, Graphene is a carbon allotrope having a very thin structure (one atom thick). Despite its thinness, Nokia claimed it to be “the strongest (as well as the lightest) material ever tested, having a […]

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