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Ovevo Z1 fantasy pro

Ovevo Z1 Fantasy Pro Bluetooth LED Speaker review – style and good performance meet affordability

Bluetooth speaker is one of the hottest gadgets around these days. Few years ago such speakers were very expensive and not readily available. But thanks to Chinese companies, consumer electronics (especially the small to medium sized gadgets segment like mobile phones and related items) has seen a drastic price drop in recent times. Bluetooth speakers […]

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BeCyPDF MetaEdit

[How to] Remove password-protection/encryption of PDF files using PDF unlocker softwares

How to crack/byepass/unlock password of a PDF files? PDF files are ubiquitous and are one of the most popular digital ebook/document format worldwide. Many times we encounter password-protected/encrypted PDF file which require a password before it can be used. It’s really annoying indeed, more so when we forget our own files password. Consider a scenario […]

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Hopper DVR system from DISH

Enjoy Live or Recorded TV Anywhere (On The Go) via Hopper from DISH

This post brought to you by DISH. All opinions are 100% mine. Just like most things in life the good old TV has also become smart and mobile today. With an ever increasing number of multimedia devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers etc) in average American home, TV transmission is not supposed to be watched […]

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CDW’s Cloud Collaboration Solutions – Converging and Simplifying Communication across the Company

CDW Cloud Collaboration is an innovative type of Unified Communications solution which enables seamless collaboration among the staff of an organization via the power of cloud. It can integrate all of the popular communication means (like VoIP, conferencing, IM, file sharing or blogs) deployed in the company. This allows easy access of all communication tools […]

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First Picture Taken with a Mobilephone Camera (and instantly Shared over network)

From VGA resolution to all the way up to 41 Megapixels (Nokia 808PureView), mobilephone cameras have crossed many milestones during past 10 years. In this age of megapixel-madness, I still remember my first camera phone (a Motorola, can’t recall the exact model) which took pictures so bad, sometimes it was difficult to figure out the […]

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Deploy CDW’s Data Storage Management/Virtualization Solutions to help your business Grow Faster

This post brought to you by CDW. All opinions are 100% mine. Data storage management is one of the most critical components of any business – big or small. It also directly affects the productivity and efficiency of the employees (and thus profits of the company). Depending upon the size of business every company sends/receives […]

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