How to take screenshot of protected photos in Android phones?

How to get privacy protected pics in Android?

Web standards have evolved to the extent that most of the website content can now be protected from being copied. Webmasters can disable download of images, videos and other sensitive data if required. Some sites even disable the screen capture/screenshot option in mobile devices. For example Facebook has incorporated this function in its website and mobile app. If a person enables certain privacy options in his Facebook account settings – no one can download or save his/her photos.

A step further, the recently added “Profile Picture Guard” option also disables the “screenshot” function in most Android phones. So (theoretically and ideally) if this option is enabled in your profile, no one can download/save or even take screenshot of your profile picture. These steps are necessary as the photo download function has been commonly misused by rogue people with bad intentions. Such pics are often used to create fake Facebook accounts of girls to defame or blackmail them.

Facebook Profile Guard

But as they say, there is always a workaround (popularly called as a “Bug”) for every restriction imposed online. Our nerdy side compelled us to find a crack for the Facebook Profile Picture Guard function. And after a little effort we got it. It is easy actually, here is the method –

Simple method to take screenshot of protected photo in Android phone?

For profile pics/other photos protected by “Profile Picture Guard” or other privacy options, Facebook Mobile app disables the native screenshot function in Android. However most third party apps do not follow this rule (not until now at least). So you can use a third party app capable of taking a screenshot of phone display to get any Facebook photo. Many screenshot/capture apps are available at the Play Store. But DU Recorder is our personal favorite – it is simply the best screen recorder app out there. DU Recorder provides a plethora of options at no cost. It is completely free – means there are not even nagging ads.

  • Anyway install DU Recorder in your phone (Download from Play Store)
  • Launch it after installation – it will minimize to a transparent dot at the side of display
  • Now launch FB app and go to the protected photo you want to capture – when the pic is shown at the phone screen, tap at the DU Recorder dot
  • Various options will pop up – tap at the dot with “Camera” icon to capture a screen shot
  • DU Recorder will take the screen shot and it will be saved to gallery, that simple!
    Now you can crop/edit the screenshot to get the desired photo.

Note to Facebook – Dear FB developers please make your privacy guard and other options more strict so that no app or method could bypass the restrictions anyhow.

Warning – Respect others privacy and do not misuse the above method.

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