Top-10 Smartphones (Android, Nokia & WP7) of 2011

2011 is over now and it’s time to do some retrospective analysis of smartphone arena in this year. We saw a number of amazing phones from all major mobile OSes (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) in 2011. I have compiled a list of ten most-popular and advanced smartphones that rocked the world in 2011. The criteria for choosing any mobile are – it must be a smartphone, number of units sold worldwide, popularity at various mobile review sites, innovative features and technology. No doubt that Android superphones will populate (and dominate) any top-ten mobile list of 2011 and my list is not an exception. Note that sequence of the list may not indicate any order of popularity. Have a look –

1. Samsung Galaxy S2 – Arguably the most popular smartphone of the year 2011 and still selling like hotcakes all over the world
2. Samsung Galaxy Note – The giant (5.3 inch HD screen) Android phone which became an instant hit after launch

3. HTC Sensation (Different variants) – Most popular Android phone-lineup of HTC in 2011

4. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – The most sensational phone of 2011 that is fusion of Sony’s Play Station Portable (PSP) and Android
5. HTC Titan – The most popular (and biggest) Windows Phone of 2011

6. Nokia Lumia 800 – first product of Nokia-Microsoft courtship, currently selling like hotcakes in Europian and Asian markets
7. Apple iPhone 4S??? (Popular mostly among FANBOYS only)

8. Motorola RAZR XT910

9. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

10. LG Optimus 3D
The last three are late entrants (Q4 launch) but becoming popular by the day.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

10 Popular Symbian and other Nokia phones of 2011 – 2011 was perhaps the worst year for Nokia in the recent history with sinking sales, proposed death of Symbian OS etc. But there was also a silver lining in all these troubled transition times – partnership with Microsoft to adopt Windows Phone as Nokia’s primary OS. Anyway here goes the list of some popular Nokia phones in 2011 –
Nokia N9 – the last and the best Meego phone ever
Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia N8 – still contains the best hardware in terms of imaging (12 MP Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash) and very popular worldwide
Nokia N900
Nokia C7
Nokia E7
Nokia E6
Nokia 701 – One of the first phone with Symbian Belle pre-installed
Nokia C5 – the only S60 3rd edition device of the list still very popular and affordable phone
Nokia X2-01 – The only S40 mobile (mimicking E-series phones) that outsold many Symbian siblings this year

Anyway hope for many more amazing superphones in 2012 and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers…enjoy the party!!!!

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