5 Simple Measures to Keep Your Symbian Phone Safe and Secure

Smartphones are increasingly used today as data storage devices, thanks to humongous memory chips. Though tiny in comparison to computer memory, they can easily outperform many flash based USB drives of today. More and more peoples are relying on their smartphones to carry their confidential data, hence the incidences of data theft are also increasing. There are some measures however, to minimize the threat of data theft and misuse from your smartphones as described below:

1. Password protect your memory card. For this go to Menu->Tools->Memory->Options->Set Password, now enter a strong password. This way your memory card can not be read and copied through Memory Card Readers or other phones (Make sure to remove the password before you insert your memory card into your own card reader for personal use).

2. Install and use some good security apps (like ZPlus Security Suite, Handy Safe, SMS Guard etc.) on your smartphone. Encrypt and hide all the confidential data with the help of these security applications so that only you can access your data. Some best security apps (and their download links) are described in this post. Choose the one that suits your needs best.

3. Use a strong password (at least of 5 characters length and having at least one numeric character) for both, phone’s security code and security software.

4. Install a mobile Anti-theft and tracker application on your phone and configure it (Enter another mobile no. in it that is close to you and let it run in the background). What this small and useful application essentially does: in case your mobile phone is stolen and the thief changes the SIM, this application starts to send SMS to the pre-entered mobile no. stealthily (without the knowledge of thief). The message contains the number with which the stolen mobile is used and some other information needed to track the stolen phone. This way, it helps in getting your phone back.

5. If you surf internet on your mobile then visit only good and reliable sites to avoid phishing, virus and malware attacks.


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