(How to) Easiest way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

After getting a new phone, transfer of phone data is the first priority for most of us. And mind you, it’s not that easy to do because of incompatibility issues among various mobile OSes (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Java etc). There are some paid softwares which can do phone-to-phone data transfer via computer (I have described one such app in this post), but there are some other easy workarounds too. So (like million others) if you have switched to an Android device from an iPhone/iPad, here is how you can transfer your contacts across phones within minutes – without using a computer, expensive software or any 3rd party mobile app.

For this all you need is a free Google account (popularly known as Gmail ID) and rest of the process is very simple. Yes, a Gmail account will do this for you in a breeze. Today everyone has a Gmail account (it is also required for an Android device to login into Google services) – if you don’t have one then create it here, its very easy and free.

Sync contacts iphone android

Google account under Settings

So here are the requisites
A Google account
An iPhone running iOS7 or higher (the source phone)
An Android phone/tablet (running any version of Android)
Both phones must have internet access

Now follow the steps as described below

1. First go to Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars in your iPhone

2. Tap “Add Account” – select Gmail from the account list and login with your Gmail ID and password – wait for the login to enter into your Google account

3. Select the content you want to sync from phone to your Google account – as we are transferring contacts, make sure to select it and tap sync – now wait for the sync (upload) process to complete, it will take time depending upon the data to be synced and your internet connection speed – you will be notified when successfully done – Bingo! Now you have your contacts stored online which can be accessed from any device connected to internet via your Google account – now the iPhone role is over

4. Time to grab your Android device – login to it with your Gmail ID – if you have logged into this Android phone first time then it will ask for data sync permission and will take some time to sync your data (including contacts) to phone – however if you already have your Android device up and running with your Google account (before above 3 steps) then just resync your contacts via
Contacts – Menu – Accounts (in Samsung)
Contacts – Menu – Settings – Sync now (in LG) or via
Settings – Accounts – Google (in Samsung) or Settings – Personal – Accounts and Sync – Google (in LG)
Sync settings location varies according to phone manufacturer

Make sure “Sync” option is enabled in your phone (a toggle button for Sync is present under drop down navigation menu). Once sync is complete you will have all your contacts neatly arranged in your new Android phone. Best of luck!

If above method does not work for you due to any reason or you want to transfer data between other types of phones then refer to this post.

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