Sending sis/jar files via Bluetooth from Symbian Mobiles Bypassing “Unable To Send Protected Objects” Warning

If you are a cellfone freak and own a Symbian mobile then you must have encountered this annoying message “Unable to send protected objects” while transferring sis, sisx, jar etc files to other devices. This is a ridiculous and useless restriction considering many possible ways of transferring and sharing such files. It is very simple to bypass this restriction. Here is how:
1. Go to the File Manager and navigate to the file you want to send, now from options menu select rename.
2. In the rename dialog box you will see the name of file like “xyz.sis”, press the right navigation button key. Now add a special character like –(dash) or _(underscore) at the end of sis or jar. Press OK and it is done. Now you can send the file without warning.
NOTE: This renaming will not change the properties of the file in any manner. Also this trick works only in Symbian Series 60v1 and v2 phones and not in S60v3 onwards (Use X-plore in these phones to transfer such files)

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