Translate UC Browser (Chinese Java Version) to English Using UC Bin Decoder

Ever wondered how mobile apps coded in native Chinese (TTPod, UC Browser, QQ Browser etc) are translated to English and other languages? Well, actually this process is rather simple one for mobile developers. They usually modify the app’s “bin” file using a bin decoder (a decompiler software) available for PC. Now you can also try translation of UC Browser (Chinese java version) jar file to English (or Russian and many other languages) without knowing ABC of programming. This process is very simple with the help of a new bin decoder. Mobile developer and my friend Mannu has translated a Chinese app – UC.bin decoder to English. Mannu is a UC forum moderator and UC Browser translator.
Refer to this post of Mannu’s blog for a comprehensive tutorial on the process and use of UC.Bin decoder (including the download link).

System Requirement – Windows XP/Vista/7, .NET framework 4.0


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