(Outdated) Trick To Download/Install Future Symbian Anna Updates (to be Released Next Week)

If you have updated to Symbian Anna today and are dissatisfied with the annoying bugs (slow and laggy interface, no Adobe Reader, older Ovi Store etc) – just don’t worry. As it is an initial (Raw) update only and will be followed by a lot of minor updates with bug fixes, performance improvements etc. However if you just can’t wait for weeks then here is my trick to get you “a lot of future minor updates” before time (at least a week in advance). And do not worry about the origin and validity of these updates as they are made available by Nokia itself. So here goes the method –


1. Change your phones date to advance one week (i.e. make it 25th of August 2011)
2. Now go to the Software Update app (Menu/Applications/SW update) and run it
3. Wait for a while until it connects and loads the “available updates”
4. Surprisingly there will be 4 updates to be installed as shown below in the picture
5. Select all and updates (or at least the first two) and wait for the download and install process to complete (it will take quite some time, so be patient)
6. After the update process is complete, let the phone restart.
Now enjoy the “polished” Anna in full glory (Latest Adobe Reader, Ovi Store, Microsoft Communicator, bug fixes etc)….have fun

Update – Now the above Anna updates are available without changing the date as well, so no need to change the date 🙂

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