(How to) Completely Uninstall Microsoft Apps from Symbian Belle phones

Microsoft Apps (OneNote, Lync, PowerPoint Broadcast, Office Mobile) for Symbian have been released as an update for all Symbian Belle phones. However the bad thing about these apps is that they require at least 50 MB free space in C drive thus occupying a large proportion of phone memory (which is already meager in Symbian phones especially the first generation S^3 devices like Nokia N8). Furthermore once installed, not all of these apps can be removed via App Manager which is very irritating indeed. So if you installed Microsoft apps and for whatever reason, want to delete them now then follow the steps given below –

Go to phone Menu and scroll down to Microsoft apps

Touch and hold at “Broadcast” icon until a menu pops up. Select “Delete” option from the menu, confirm the action and wait for the app un-installation (it may take 2-5 minutes)

All the Microsoft apps will be removed this way except the “Microsoft app configuration” icon

To remove it, download and install NetQin Mobile Security from here (it’s a free Antivirus and System optimizer app)

Launch the app and select “SYS Optimization

Now select “App Manager”. Wait until the installed apps are loaded

Find following app in the list and uninstall it –
Microsoft Configure Applications

After successfully uninstalling it, exit NetQin Mobile Security and restart the phone.
Checkout! Microsoft apps are gone from your phone! You can uninstall NetQin Mobile Security app now if you prefer.

Note that the above method applies to the new version of Microsoft Apps (v2.1 onwards). In older version (2.0) it was possible to delete individual components of Office package. But in the new version it is not possible to delete any of the app individually. Besides, new version of Microsoft apps install in Mass memory or memory card to save C: (phone memory) in contrast to the previous version which installed itself in phone memory.

Despite this fact some 8-10 MB of phone memory is consumed after installation of Microsoft Apps (may be due to modification of System files). And unfortunately this space is not recovered even after completely removing the Apps by the above method. The only way to get back that space is by formatting the phone or re-installing Belle via Nokia Suite.

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  1. Eric Mustardman July 28, 2012 at 2:39 PM #

    First of all, I’d like to thank the author of this blog. The info how to remove those sluggish MS apps has proved invaluable and saved me from completely resetting and re-installing my N8.

    Those MS apps had really slowed everything down to a crawl on my phone. Finally, thanks to the author of this blog, my N8 is back to its old speed (well, kind of, the N8 has never really been on the fast lane ;-).

    So I think that if you stick PRECISELY to the procedure described in the blog, you will successfully remove the MS apps without interfering with the other apps and functions on you phone.

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