(Guide) Using JAF to Flash Nokia Mobile phones

I have already described use of Phoenix to flash Nokia phones in an older post. J.A.F. (from ODEON) is another Nokia mobile flashing software that works pretty well and is easier to use. In this post I will describe mobile flashing process with J.A.F. –


J.A.F. with PKEY Emulator (download from here)

Windows PC/Laptop with Nokia PC Suite installed

.NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed in PC

Navifirm (to download official firmware files), read this post to know how to use Navifirm (Navifirm and internet connection is not required if you already have Firmware files)
Cooked firmware files (in case you want to flash the phone with custom firmware)

All set up! now follow the process described below –

First off, format your memory card via mobile or PC or at least delete everything in E:/sys, E:/patches, E:/private and E:/resource (and also same folders in F: if both mass memory and memory card are present as in new phones). Now remove SIM card and memory card from the phone and follow the instructions given below very, very carefully –

1. Create a path “C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-xxx” in your PC (replace xxx with your phone’s actual code, for example it will be RM-596 for Nokia N8 – press *#0000# at phones standby screen to know yours). No need to create this path if you already have Phoenix installed in PC as Phoenix Service Software creates this path automatically (except the last folder). Download official firmware files for your phone via Navifirm and paste them in “RM-xxx” (the last folder in the above created path)

2. Install J.A.F. in your PC (JAF is compatible with Windows only (XP, etc). Now copy and paste “jaf_nok4models.ini” file (given with JAF in the archive you downloaded) into C:/Program Files/ODEON/JAF (confirm overwrite to replace the original one). Connect the phone to PC via data cable and select “PC Suite Mode” (at phone’s interface). If it is the first time you have connected the phone with PC then let the phone drivers install completely.

3. After installation, don’t open JAF via shortcuts that appear on desktop. Instead launch OGM_JAF_PKEY_Emulator (given in the downloaded archive) and click “GO” button, if it gives error then try launching it again. Wait for a while as the emulator verifies J.A.F. installation and finally JAF is launched with an error “BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED”, click OK

4. At JAF interface select “BB5 Tab”. Now there are three scenarios

a) If you want to flash the phone to factory settings (refresh or reset settings of the existing firmware) then at BB5 tab select/tick “CRT 308” “Factory Set” and “Factory Settings” and click “FLASH”. Wait for the process to be completed

b) If you want to update phone’s firmware to latest or to reinstall the existing one with official files (downloaded via Navifirm) then proceed to Step 5

c) If you want to flash the phone with a new cooked (custom or hacked) firmware then copy the hacked firmware files (usually uda.fpsx, rofs3.fpsx) to the folder where you have already placed all the official firmware files (downloaded via Navifirm). Overwrite/Replace when prompted (the hacked file(s) must replace the corresponding official file(s). However if the overwrite prompt does not appear then the names differ for the two files. In this case you will have to rename the hacked file(s) exactly to the official one(s) for example if the hacked file name is RM-596_011.012_U01.01_79.92_prd.uda.fspx and the corresponding official file name is different then rename the hacked one to match the official one and place this renamed file to the C:…RM-xxx Now proceed to Step 5


5. At BB5 tab select (tick) “Manual Mode”, “Dead USB” and uncheck “CRT 308”

6. Now check/tick “Use INI” option and wait for a while until “Select Phone Model” box appears

7. Find and select your phone model from this box and click OK. The “MCU”, “PPM”, “CNT” and “APE Variant” boxes turn green, however if they don’t then go to step 7 (b) below

a) However if your phone model is not present in the “Select Phone Model” box then close JAF and download (search Google or look here) and copy the latest “jaf_nok4models.ini” into C:/Program Files/ODEON/JAF (confirm overwrite when asked) and repeat steps 3, 4, 5, 6. Proceed to Step 8

b) However if your phone is still not there in the “Select Phone Model” box (or the MCU etc circles do not turn green) then go to “C:…RM-xxx” (created in Step 1 above) and rename .core.C00 file (a firmware file present in C:…RM-xxx folder) to .c0r now go to JAF and uncheck “Use INI” box. Now click on “MCU”, “PPM”, “CNT” and “APE Variant” circles one by one to manually select following files –
MCU – .c00/.c0r
PPM – rofs2
CNT – rof3
APE – uda
(these files are present in the folder “C:….RM-xxx” created in Step 1 above)

8. All set for flashing, now switch Off your connected phone and click “FLASH” button at JAF

9. A warning box will pop up, click “YES”. Now press phone’s Power ON/OFF button for a few seconds (don’t hold it for long). JAF will start the flashing process. Wait for it to complete (until “Done!” appears in the JAF “Status and Results” window).

10. Disconnect phone from PC. Remove and re-insert phone’s battery and switch it on. Done!! Finally, that is your flashed phone….whew!!!


1. Be careful not to touch mobile or data cable during flashing as sudden (even momentary) connection loss may irreversibly damage your phone. Also make sure that PC/Laptop/Netbook does not “Shut Down” suddenly (due to power interruption or battery low etc).

2. Don’t panic if the phone is not starting up or behaving weirdly (frequent restarts, hangs etc) after the successful flashing process. Try the following –
a. Reset the phone to factory settings via Menu/Settings
b. If it does not solve the issue, format the phone with codes (read here) or hard reset it by key combinations (read here or here).
c. Still having the issue, flash the phone with factory settings via JAF (follow Step 4.a above)
d. If the problem still persists, re-flash the phone with the official firmware files using J.A.F. (Follow Step 4.b above) or update firmware using Ovi Suite.

3. If the PKEY_Emulator is giving error on launch in Windows 7 (or Vista) then run it in compatibility mode – Right click on PKey app icon – Properties – Compatibility – Tick/Check “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or 2) – Click “Apply” and then OK). Now it should run fine…..good luck

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15 Responses to (Guide) Using JAF to Flash Nokia Mobile phones

  1. Francesco November 5, 2011 at 4:58 AM #

    Why is the OGM_JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v 5.exe file included in the package recognized as a virus by 16 on 37 antivirus?? Check that file with virscan.org

    • Shoaib Siddiqui November 5, 2011 at 10:06 PM #

      Emulators, keygens and other such softwares are developed by independent developers who can’t afford to embed trusted certificate signatures in the app. Therefore most antiviruses consider these as suspicious trojan/virus/malware. Do not worry about pkey-emulator I can assure you of that. And by the way why 21 out of 37 antiviruses did not recognize it as virus?

  2. Tanak November 16, 2011 at 2:52 PM #

    Good day.
    I have a PL Nokia E5-00 which, after Nokia Update, lost the Italian language setting.
    I tried using JAF to switch product code number to the Italian, and then I would reinstall the official Nokia Update through pc suite, getting the ITALIAN one. It all worked fine up until this second part: After reinstalling the update, suddendly the phone couldn’t restart: It flashes on the white “initial loading” screen before the Nokia Logo, and switches off, then tries again to show something (white screen), then off again it goes. The only way to stop it is removing the battery.
    I have been trying to make it work since yesterday, and this was the only guide that was coherent with the program it used: every other guide for some reasons omitted something, or had strange unknown windows that didn’t show up to me, or used programs dated 2005 that do not actually suggests “Trust me, it’s gonna work for sure >:)” to me, for a recent phone.

    Since this post is still active I hope someone will be able to help me, so here is what happens:
    Nothing shows up in “Use Ini” windows even after updating the Ini file to the most recent version, so it had to be done with the (7b) Procedure:
    The weird things start here: Navifirm downloaded perfectly the files for the most recent update, in my desired language and europe zone. There are no .core.c00 files, though, as there aren’t any files with these extension.
    I’m not blind, though, and saw there are four files marked “.core.fpsx”, “.rofs2.fpsx”, “.rofs3.fpsx”, “.uda.fpsx”, so I was wondering:
    -Is it THOSE files I should be using?
    -Should I rename them to have ONLY “.c0r” (and so on) extensions?

    I’ll have to admit, I was hasty and went on doing that, and tried to flash. The good news is, if I didn’t have to, JAF goes “Error reading phone INIT data” when I press the power button, and stops trying to reach my phone. The bad news is, obviously, I’m stuck whatever answer would I receive.
    Is there a workaround for the problem?

    I was wondering, too, if reverting to factory setting would help me in something, as it tries to flash it with a blank MCU and PPM (Though at this point I was too worried to try it alone -even behaving as an idiot and doing everything by myself should have its limits- and cancelled the prompt). A couple years ago I had an HTC do the same thing, and I reverted it to factory, then installed the ROM. It all worked fine.

    Sorry for the abnormally long post, I wanted to get as much as I could clear and adamant about what I did, and I just hate having things die on me like that. It’s not like I can’t send it to Nokia or buy another one, but it’s getting almost kind of a personal challenge between me and my phone, so I wanted to try fixing it myself first.
    If any, I’ll just admit to myself I’ve never been no phone technician or guru, and remember myself the hard way that inventing a couple workarounds and fixes for exotic pc problems that only I have doesn’t magically boosts success rates of something new I do to 100% 🙂

    Any help Would, WILL, and IS already appreciated (The guide alone already lifted my hopes in fixing this), so I hope this Wall of Text (r) won’t be too much.
    Thanks for your patience,

    • Shoaib Siddiqui November 17, 2011 at 11:10 PM #

      Hey buddy,
      This is certainly the longest comment I have ever got. LOL. Anyway, your problem is genuine pal, I am trying to find out a solution, in the mean time try hard-reset the phone pressing “three-key-combination” method (take out the battery and re-insert after 10 minutes, press following three keys simultaneously
      Caps-lock key, Space key, Backspace key
      while keep pressing the above three keys, power on the phone. Still Keep pressing the three keys until “formatting screen” appears, now release the keys. Hope this will work for you. You may also try the following three keys – * key (star key), 3 key, call (green) key, instead of the above, repeating the same process
      Let me know if this solve the issue….

  3. sunil December 6, 2011 at 12:28 PM #

    Sir,you are god of knowledge,you save atleast 250rs,thanks a ton…

  4. Paradox December 16, 2011 at 4:45 PM #

    I was stuck after downloading the firmware files for my nokia 5130c-2 xm from navifirm because i couldnt find any files with the extensions given by you so i searched a lot on the internet and had to go through many logs of JAF to see which files people have selected

    To those having the same problem as me here is what i did

    for MCU use the file with the extension mcusw
    in my case the file was (C5F02102_rm495__07.97.mcusw)

    for PPM use the file with the extension ppm_xx(xx might be different for different firmwares)
    in my case the file was (263CA5C1_rm495__07.97.ppm_mh)

    for CNT us the file with the extension image_xx_xx
    in my case the file was (4E609E27_rm495__07.97.image_CTV_INDIA_HINDI_red)

    I did not select any APE variant file.

    And i was able to SUCCESSFULLY FLASH my phone to the latest original firmware.Thanx to shoaib for the steps on JAF!!!

    • Rabincz August 5, 2014 at 9:14 PM #

      Hi Paradox, Could you please tell me what is your phone model ?? Thanks

  5. sid January 16, 2014 at 2:02 PM #

    hey my phone is off i cant switch it on i cant hard reset it i tried flashing by following the above steps but it says dis
    Searching for JAF saved location of ini…
    Checking path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-578\
    No ini files found…
    MCU Flash file: NONE
    PPM Flash file: NONE
    CNT Flash file: NONE
    APE Variant file: NONE
    Detected P-KEY: 90009699
    P-key nokia module version 01.02
    Init usb communication…
    Can’t detect flashing server!

    • Shoaib Siddiqui January 16, 2014 at 10:51 PM #

      Dear, this error means (most probably) there is a hardware problem with your phone so software flashing methods will not work. You will have to go to service center to get it repaired.

  6. rahul February 24, 2014 at 9:43 PM #

    whenevar i install jaf on my pc get a error msg
    jcop.exe stop working pls give mw solution

  7. Rabincz August 5, 2014 at 9:09 PM #

    Hello my friends, I have two Nokia E51 and same problem. Just use it 2 years , guaranty period finished and phone die. Only it turn on Blue screen and no thing come more. Hard reset *, 3, green key and power on also not work. Now i want to know it that this is the problem from hardware or software ??

    First new mobile after using 24 months with very safety also die . suddenly black screen and when i turn on it, it comes to blue screen with vibration but not display any thing.

    2nd phone , it was dirty , i just remove sim card, memory card, battery and clean from soft paper. After finished cleaning, keep it back it to place and it also die.

    I have back up software but it did not turn on. so what i have to do now ?

    Please give me seriously answer, i am waiting your reply soon.

    Thanks and kinds regards

  8. Darryl August 13, 2014 at 7:53 PM #


    I Hard rested my Nokia E5 and it removed everything (i used *#7370#). The phone booted up normally and worked fine however when the battery dies or when i switch the phone off, then switch it on, the pone boots up for about 15 seconds, then freezes and reboots and continues to do so all the time. I then quickly hard reset the pone again and it worked fine until the battery dies or i switch it off and then it happens again. please help, i don’t know if its a software or hardware problem. Im thinking i might have erased system files during the hard reset because my camera wont work anymore.

    so now im wondering if theres anyway to reinstall the software????

    please reply soon, Thanks

  9. Jenda November 16, 2017 at 4:18 AM #

    Thank you very much, Roohi S! The first instructions that work fine for my N86! I have windows 10, so theres some hints that could help someone:
    1. (step 3) while starting EMULATOR app, you have to set compatibility with windows XP in “Preferences”, and Run as Administrator
    2. (step 9) I had problem with the self-ONturning phone for recharging, while trying to flash it. Salvage is easy: Just switch off the phone at the moment of clicking “YES” for flashing.

    Maybe this helps someone…
    …I know, its 2017, but i still love my N86 so much 😀

    Have a nice day you all!

    • Shoaib November 17, 2017 at 12:56 PM #

      Thanks for the update dear

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