WhatsApp Modifier – an app to completely close/kill WhatsApp in Symbian phones

We all know that WhatsApp is intended to work as an always on SMS-alternative app but unlike SMS, it uses data to send/receive messages. Despite being a useful and addictive app, sometimes it becomes a nuisance, a stubborn app, unnecessarily running in the background, acting as an intruder in our private life. In my opinion the most annoying feature of WhatsApp being – there is no option in it to exit/log off/sign-out. As with every problem, solutions pop out sooner or later, there are quite a few solutions to this problem as well (at least for Symbian phones). I have already described some such solutions for Symbian OS in this older post. Here I will describe a useful app created just for the sole purpose of controlling WhatsApp in Symbian^3/Belle phones. It is called WhatsApp Modifier (WA Modifier in short) created by Dailymobile forum developer Fabian/huellif.

whatsapp_modifier app


As the name suggests WA Modifier can control the basic functions of WhatsApp installed in your phone

It can completely exit/force close WhatsApp (kills all the processes of WhatsApp running in the background)

It can also launch WhatsApp

“Hide homescreen popup” option if selected, disables the push notifications to be shown as popup messages

Show homescreen popup” option if selected enables the popup notifications

Now the last but the most interesting function of WAModifier – it can change WhatsApp icon in your phone (you can choose from many built in icons). For this to work you will have to enable open4all patch in ROMPatcher Plus. Now launch WA_Modifier – select “Change icons” option – browse and select any icon provided – follow the prompts and finally reboot the phone and you will see the selected icon in phone menu as WhatsApp.

You can get free WA_Modifier app (as sis file) from here. Besides it also comes built-in with the modded version of WhatsApp (EnF mod) as an optional component to install. Being an unsigned app your phone must be hacked to install WhatsApp_Modifier. It is compatible with all S^3/Anna/Belle/BelleFP1/BelleFP2 Nokia phones –

Note – After closing WhatsApp via WA Modifier, you will become offline for WhatsApp and will not get any push messages until WhatsApp is relaunched manually.

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