Experience Windows Phone UI in iPhone/Android via official WP Demo website

Now iPhone/Android users can also experience Windows Phone UI and its general functions without even touching a WP device. Thanks to HTML5 one can have a (virtual) hands-on demo of Windows Phone via iPhone4S/Android browser. Microsoft has created a web-based app that emulates WP UI and some of its functions. It gives a quick-tour of WP platform on iPhone 4S and high-end Android phones (like GalaxyS2).
Just go to this or this link via iPhone/Android native web browser and follow the instructions. Interestingly this web app also tests HTML5 performance of device hardware and OS. iPhone 4S wins this test hands down (against Samsung Galaxy SII) in terms of fluidity and speed. Unfortunately the above link does not work in any Symbian phone or desktop browser.


Nokia has already launched an app (called “NokiaLumia”) for Symbian^3 phones which gives an excellent demo of Nokia’s first WP phone – the Lumia 800.

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