X-plore for Symbian^3/Belle (version 1.60) also goes free

X-plore, the best and most popular Symbian file manager has been made a freeware recently. Lonelycatgames (the developer of X-plore and other popular Symbian apps) have virtually declared their Symbian apps as end-of-life, stopping further development as the end of Symbian is nearby. No Symbian phone has been announced since last year (after Nokia 808 PureView). SmartMovie and UltraMP3 have already been made free by lonelycatgames, in fact UltraMP3 is not available at the site now. Now X-plore and SmartMovie are heading to the same way. So download X-plore v1.60 free before it is removed from the official site.

This version (v1.60) of X-plore has been released just to make it a freeware and no new feature has been added over the previous paid build (v1.58). Interestingly, the “Program update” option has been removed from the menu in this version of X-plore which means it is officially the last version of the app. You may refer to this post to know the features of X-plore in detail.

Any way, Symbian fans will always remember you X-plore….

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