X-plore, free file manager for Symbian updated to version 1.64

X-plore for Symbian updated to version 1.64
X-plore, the good-old Symbian file manager just got updated to version 1.64 (November 11, 2015). App updates for Symbian are a rare occurrence now as the OS is officially dead and so is the interest of developers in it (all thanks to Microsoft). Thus any update related to the OS makes a big news for Symbian-loving community. A few days back we reported CuteTube2 update for Symbian and now we just came to know about a recent update of another popular Symbian app –X-plore. X-plore (a multi-functional file manager app) has been around since early Symbian era and it is one of the most popular and useful Symbian apps of all time. Due to its system-wide file copy/paste capabilities and other functions it is a favorite app of power users.

Xplore S60v3 v1.64

Xplore symbian version history

X-plore is still up and running in millions of Symbian phones around the world. Once a paid app, it is now free for Symbian and supports all versions of the OS from S60v2 to Symbian Belle FP2. Lonelycatgames, the developers of X-plore made it free two years ago and published the final version as 1.60 (the in-app “update check” function was removed from X-plore 1.60). And suddenly, after a long gap of two years they have published a new version of the app.

The updated X-plore bears the version 1.64 and it is an unsigned one, as there is no app signing service available now. There is no change in app (visibly or functionally) and the change-log just reads “Small fixes”. Thus it is only a bug-fix update. You can download X-plore v1.64 (for Symbian S60v3, v5, S^3, Belle) free from here or from the official site. Note that only S60v3 version got the update; S60v2 (v1.56) and Windows Mobile (v1.53) versions are still the same old ones.


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