Yahoo provides a “Search bar” application for mobiles that is called “Y! OneSearch”. With “Yahoo! One Search” app you can directly search anything at Yahoo right at phones standby screen (“1-click access” as Yahoo describes it). After installation it appears on phone’s standby screen and get associated with a key of keypad (Like Pen key in Symbian phones). This key when pressed at standby screen will get it working. Now you can directly type search text into the bar. As the text is typed, “Search suggestion” start to appear (As shown in the adjacent images). You can either search the typed keyword or choose and search an appropriate suggestion. However pressing “Search” launches phone’s native (Default) browser.
I tried Y! One search bar on my Nokia N95 (Available for all Symbian S60 editions), it was exciting and fun to use at the beginning but soon became a nuisance due to following reasons:
1. Whenever I land at the standby screen the “Search bar” pops up.
2. It is an autorun app (By default starts at phone startup) and thus slows down the phone.
3. There is no option in the app to shut it down so you will have to use a task manager app (Like X-plore or Handy task man) to close it.
Anyway a funny utility app. Hope that Yahoo will rectify the above glitches.
To download go to on Opera Mini (Or any other browser) and search anything at Yahoo. At search result page find and click “Get a faster Search experience” link. There will be the description and download link of the app (If your phone supports it) at the opened page.
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